Important note about FFmpeg and AviSynth questions.

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Important note about FFmpeg and AviSynth questions.

Post by admin » Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:50 pm

Both the "Custom FFmpeg" and "Custom AviSynth-script" are available for you to do things within FFAStrans that are not natively featured. And so they require a generic knowledge of FFmpeg and AviSynth to make it work. Official documentation can be found here:

Also, there are plenty of resource pages on the internet for both these two systems.

We are keen to help everyone to get the most out of FFAStrans but I we have limited resources do generic FFmpeg or AviSynth support. So here are the guidelines:

All requests/questions about either systems should include a working example of what you want to accomplish using FFmpeg and/or AviSynth without using FFAStrans. It is then much easier to find a way to incorporate it into FFAStrans. That is not to say we wont help you but if you fail to follow this guideline you are not guaranteed our attention. Hope this is respected and understandable to all on this forum.

Thanks, on behalf of the team

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Re: Important note about FFmpeg and AviSynth questions.

Post by emcodem » Fri Nov 19, 2021 7:45 pm

Over time some members joined the FFAStrans project, so meanwhile we actually have some resources to work on ffmpeg related questions.
But we limit our help definitely on users who actually use FFAStrans instead of users who use ffmpeg alone.

Before i start, please know that for plain avisynth related stuff it is simpler than with ffmpeg (due to the very limited number of users): just contact @FranceBB here or post your question in the doom9 forum :D

Anyway, i would like to point out the recommended way for plain ffmpeg users to get help: just use the ffmpeg IRC chat.

Libera, it's an IRC chat channel provider you need some IRC client to connect to it.
I personally use a cloud service as IRC Client, (the free version of course). Creating my account on irccloud and connecting to the #ffmpeg channel was pretty straight forward.

You probably need to wait 1 hour or such in case nobody replies, in that case you can try to re-post your question or get online at another time of day when more users are online.
Don't expect it to work as a usual chat, people don't really "chat" there. Typically there are lots of guys "listening until something interesting for them appears"... but a message like "hi, someone here?" is not interesting for anyone so you get better results when just posting in quick words along with code what you want.

Last but not least, here the link to the ffmpeg page where they officially state that libera is their official IRC channel hoster:
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