Granular Farming Controls

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Granular Farming Controls

Post by ernie1901 » Fri Apr 09, 2021 10:39 am

I'll start by saying this feature is a very much 'nice to have' as it is quite complex.
I have multiple hosts in a farm. Some hosts can access certain network shares, some cannot.

As a result it would be nice to have farming ability per processor node in addition to per workflow.
That way I can set the delivery processor node to use the hosts that have network share access.

At the moment I set this on a workflow by workflow basis, where as the most efficient would be to do the transcode across all hosts to the cache then the final copy/move on the hosts that have the required network access.

I can imagine this would make prioritisation more difficult :| .
I'd personally implment it with a tickbox in each processor node, 'Use Workflow Farming Settings' (by default) or tickbox list to select hosts that should perform the task overriding the workflow farming.

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Re: Granular Farming Controls

Post by emcodem » Sat Apr 10, 2021 6:26 pm

thanks for posting this! So we discussed this topic and it's a good thing that will be added earlier or later. The thing is that steinar or one of us must look deeply into it in order to see what implications come with it. However, currently we have something "huge" on the list that requrires a lot more deep changes and is really more urgent. So even if this is sonsidered to be an essential thing, it might not come within about 1 year.

As already mentioned in a private chat, at least for simple operations like delivery, there is at least a workaround: use psexec.exe from Microsoft's Mark Russinovic, former Sysinternals, part of the PSTools suite. It will allow you to execute cmd commands on a remote computer, this way if you do your final delivery with a cmd processor, it does not matter anymore on which computer the cmd processor is executed on. ... ads/psexec

Of course, there is another option that @momocampo brought up, depending on the usecase, you can also just configure the whole workflow to run on the nodes that have access to the network share but i believe this option will not fullfill your requirements as you want to encode on any free Node but deliver from a special one.

This might take some time until you got it working but it will allow you to do what you desire.
Lemme know if u need assistence with it :D
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