1.4? | Release Date

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1.4? | Release Date

Post by taner »

Hi Admin Team,

earlier this day emcodem mentioned great new features within the next release.
I assume 1.4?
As you know every new FFAStrans release is like a Xmas-present.
I‘m not exaggerating.
I also appreciate that you lately have focused your efforts into bugfixing rather than fancy new features.
Much more important.
As Xmas is getting closer I wanted to ask if you are going to release the upcoming version later this year.

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Re: 1.4? | Release Date

Post by admin »

Hi Taner,

It's very nice that you show so much interest in FFAStrans :-) We have not set any date for 1.4 but I would assume by the end of this year or early next year. And it's true that bug fixing and making it more robust is always top priority. But we cannot have a new main release without any new nice features and improvements and the next one will be pretty packed in all categories ;-)

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