Spoiler: FFAStrans 0.6.0

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Spoiler: FFAStrans 0.6.0

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FFAStrans version 0.6.0 will soon be ready for release. It's the biggest change to FFAStrans yet and it enables you to create workflows not possible in previous versions. Also, the redesign makes it much easier to introduce new powerful features. Here are the most notable highlights and screenshots.

Completely rewritten workflow engine:
- Create advanced, modular node based workflows.
- Easy to use graphical interface for inserting, moving, deleting, zooming and drawing connections.
- Trigger dos commands at any stage in within a workflow. Used together with variables makes it a very powerful feature.
- Connect as many processor nodes as you like.
- Snap processor nodes to grid for a tidy layout or move them freely.
- Color coded processor types and connections.
- Have FFAStrans automatically arrange your workflow layout.
- Set individual descriptions to each processor node.
- Set each processor node to execute on success, error or any outcome.
- Manually submit files to any processor within a workflow.
- Arrange workflows in bins/folders.
- Import and export workflows.

Take a look at the main web page for a full screenshot of what it looks like.

sneak6.png (60.91 KiB) Viewed 15578 times
sneak5.png (38.43 KiB) Viewed 15578 times
sneak4.png (8.54 KiB) Viewed 15578 times
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