This forum is for user and admin news. Also I encourage users to share their story on how they benefit from and utilize FFAStrans.
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Thank you for this amazing piece of software. :D
I would like to help you to keep the good work, I was planning to leave a tip but I couldn't find an option to do so with Bitcoin :(
Do you an adress where I can send some satoshis to?
By the way, I would be glad of helping in some other way, like beta testing or doing some development if needed.
Thank you and please don't abandon this project, it's pretty cool.
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Re: Hello!

Post by admin »

Thanks for those kind words! ;-)

I don't accept bitcoins (at the moment) so you need to use the donation button on the wab page If you'd like to tip ;-)

As long as I enjoy working on it I will continue and when I don't, it will be open-sourced (or commercialized) so hopefylly someone else can take over.

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