Upgrading instructions

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Upgrading instructions

Post by emcodem » Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:22 pm

This is a manual for a typical upgrading procedure from ffastrans 9.4 to 1.0.
You can also use this for testing the Beta of FFAStrans 1.0.0, just make sure you keep your current ffastrans install directory backed up and untouched so you can always go back.

Download Beta of FFAStrans 1.0 here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=961#p4409

-) make sure no job is running in your current installation
-) stop the "FFastrans REST API" windows service on all nodes that run ffastrans service
-) or close the FFAStrans Worfklow Manager application if the windows service is not installed
-) BACKUP the Current ffastrans installation directory, conttaining FFAStrans.exe, Workflows and Processors Folders - keep this backup safe
-) Extract the files from FFASTrans1.0 download to some temporary directory - DO NOT START the ffastrans.exe, otherwise you must delete the whole directory and extract again

From this point, you can always discard the upgraded installation and go back to your backup at any time.

-) Copy/Paste FFASTrans Version 1 files to the directory of your old installation. This must prompt you to overwrite FFASTrans.exe and several other files (339 files for me). Make sure all files are being replaced.

First start:
-) Start FFAStrans.exe
-) If the next step does not work for you, there is something wrong and you need to start over again with a fresh extraction of the 1.0 files and a new copy of your old FFAStrans directory you want to upgrade
-) At the "Welcome to FFAStrans 1.0.0" Popup, click "OK". Your configuration and workflows should now be upgraded automatically
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