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Folder Deliveries


Delivers processed media to folder.

Original Manual


Set output folder for delivery. Supports drag'n drop.


This input enables you to insert custom text ahead of the output file. Supports global variables.


This input enables you to append custom text to output file. The source extension will not be affected. Supports global variables.


This will overwrite existing file with same name as being delivered.

Unique name

If the file name exist this option will append a '_n' to the file name. 'n' is number ranging from 1 to what ever is necessary to produce a unique file name.

Zero padding

Prepads zeroes (0) to the uniqe file numbering, filling out to fit the selected amount in drop down menu.

Drop original name

Checking this option will discard the original name of the file being processed. This option in conjunction with"Prefix" and Suffix" makes it possible to entirely change the name of the file being delivered.

Drop extension

Checking this option will discard the extension of the file being delivered.

Move instead of copy

This option will move the source to the destination instead of copying it. If the two files are on the same drive or share the move will be instantaneously.

Force case

Force either UPPER or lower letters for output name.

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