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Workflow General information

This page should describe detailed background information around workflows, e.g. branching behaviour etc…

File Flow

Workflow Properties

All these properties are accessible by right-clicking on a workflow in workflow manager.

General Tab

Description Description of your workflow. Has no implication on functionality bu it will be displayed in the upper editor area if description is enabled there.
Work folder This info tells you where the work folder for the workflows jobs reside. This is set automatically from the “Work cache” options in the main configuration and cannot be changed by the user.
Workflow IDShows the ID of the workflow. This is automatically generated and cannot be changed by the user.
Sleep timerHere you set the loop for how many seconds FFAStrans should wait for the workflows monitors to start looking for new files. In workflows without monitors this setting as no effect.
PriorityThis sets the workflow priority. This is NOT a CPU priority but rather job run order priority. The higher priority jobs will be processed before lower priority jobs. Lower priorities jobs will be paused if higher priority job is starting.
Note: Jobs manually submitted from the GUI will always have the highest priority. Jobs submitted through the API will use the default workflow priority unless specified different in the job post.
Timeout levelDefines how quick FFAStrans will abort jobs that seem to have stopped for various reasons. Usually due to encoding/decoding hangups. The lower the number the faster FFAStrans will abort. When working with very large files you might need to set this higher.
Run onHere you can set on what week day on which the workflows monitors will be active.
Note: Regardless of this setting and the workflow state, one can always submit jobs either manually from the GUI or through the API.

Maintenance Tab

Keep all job work folders on completionEnabling this option will prevent FFAStrans from deleting all the files and work folders it creates for jobs.
Note: You should avoid enabeling this as the it may fill up your storage. Use only for debugging.
Keep only failed job work foldersEnabling this option will prevent FFAStrans from deleting the work folders for failed jobs.
Note: In this regard, a job is considered failed only if the last executing branch has failed outcome.
Cleanup timeHere you can set the time of day on which FFAStrans will perform cleanup of cachefile. This option may disappear in future versions.
Validate records after <n> daysThis option tells FFAStrans how many days it should “remember” what files it has processed. If a file has been registered longer than the number of days specified, AND the original file is gone, the file record will be removed. If the file comes back after removal, FFAStrans will see it as a new file.
Keep work files for <n> daysThis option tells FFAStrans how many days it should keep the work folders for each job.

Farming Tab

Here you can include or exclude hosts in the workflow. The purpose of this is to create segregated farming environment that lets you design special workflow for special members of the farm.

HostThe host to add to the list. Default is the current host. You can insert any host on the list. The hosts will not be validated so you must write the correct name for the host.
AddAdd the host to the list.
RemoveRemoves selected host(s) from the list.
List includes hostsOption tells the workflow that the hosts on the list will take part of the workflow jobs.
List excludes hostsOption tells the workflow that the hosts will NOT take part of the workflow jobs.

Note: An empty list makes all the host participate in the workflow jobs regardless of the two latter options.

Special Tab

Log LevelSets the log level of the workflow. Higher log levels produce more detailed logging information for debugging. Logging is always on.
Protect workflowHere you can protect you workflow with a password. Note that this is not a foolproof protection. It's purpose is to make sure your workflow has a basic protection so it's not easily tampered with.
Force 32bit dependenciesForce FFAStrans to use only 32 bit versions of all dependencies like FFMpeg and AviSynth. This option will override all other 64 bit settings in any workflow nodes.
Create start TC from Exif dataThis option will try and create a valid start timecode based on the exif metadata field “Date and time (original)”. This is an alternative for some media coming from cameras that don't have a real TC track.

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