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Plugin Processor download

Plugin Processors can be added to or removed from your existing ffastrans installation on the fly, no need to update the whole system anymore just to install a new processor.
Information on how to develop your own processor:


Extract them into the directory: …\Processors\plugin_nodes\custom_nodes then restart FFAStrans User interface.
Example installation: after extracting the contents of the “Files Find” processor, you should have this folder: “…\Processors\plugin_nodes\custom_nodes\Files Find”

Name Category Download Programming Language Description
Plugin Node Example Others Csharp Example Processor demonstrating all available features a custom processor can utilize and interaction between ffastrans host and the processor/gui
Files Find Others Nodejs Finds Files on Filesystem
Files Delete Others Nodejs Deletes Files and/or Folders on Filesystem. Can be used with Files Find
File Owner Others Powershell Get the file owner username of the source file
AV MXF OpAtom Decoders Nodejs Used for locating/decoding/remuxing MXF OpAtom Files in a flat folder structure
ForEach Start Operations Nodejs Allows “Iteration”. Dynamically creates one branch per item in your specified List
Force Error Operations Powershell Forces Workflow into Error state, set error message
HTTP Comminicate+ Others Nodejs Advanced Version of the builtin http communicate. Can also wait until an API returns a given state (polling)
Wait until File is oldest Others Powershell Waits until a given file is the oldest one in it's directory

(*Click on Plugin Name to see examples)

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