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Interlacing Analyser


Performs a file analysis to determinate the scan type.
NOTE : Because the analyser returns 0(progressive), 1(upper field) or 2(lower field), You MUST create a user integer variable (not a string or a float). It is the only way to select a variable for “Save outcome to” and “Save confidence to”.

Original Manual

This filter will run through (a portion of) the source file and try to detect the actual scan type of the video.

Percent of media

How many percent of the media file you want to analyze.

Start from

Here you specify the starting point in percent.

Max analyze duration

Lets you specify the max duration in seconds to analyze (set 0 to disable).

Skip if source is out of spec and force progressive

This option will use some logic in order to find out whether the source is likely to be of interlaced type.

Save outcome to

Sets the variables to save the outcome of the analyzing; what scan type has been detected. The values comes as 0 (progressive), 1 (upper field) and 2 (lower field). This is consistent with the values coming from the inbuilt %i_interlace% variable. You can use this analyzed value in the encoders and dynamically set the correct value based on deep analyzing and not just from meta-data.

Note: The drop down select or accepts only integer variables. (%i_variable%)

Save confidence to

This lets you save the confidence level in percent to a variable. The higher the number the more likely is that the analyzer got it right. Useful for reports.

Note: The drop down select or accepts only integer variables. (%i_variable%)

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