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Stills encoder


Encodes to still images or sequences (BMP-JPG-PNG-TGA-TIF).

Original Manual

Encoder for creating image files from video or other still images.


Sets the output format.


Defines the quality on which the image should be encoded. 1 being worst and 10 being best setting.

Deinterlace interlaced sources

Does exactly what it says.


Lets you create a sequence of still images from video. It this option is disabled FFAStrans will only make a picture of the first frame of the source.

Every n'th frame

Defines algorithm to extract images. "Every n'th frame" will extract one (1) image every for every n'th frame specified.

Evenly distributed frames

This will extract evenly distributed frames based on length and the number of frames to extract.

At scene change

Extracts a frame for every scene change. Detection threshold is set by the drop down menu ranging from 1 to 15. A setting of 1 reacts on very subtle changes whereas 15 demands for big changes in video in order to react.

Force digits

Will force FFAStrans to add leading zeros (0) prior to the number extracted. The number specified is the minimum of digits to use. Thus if the number of extracted frames results in more digits than specified, FFAStrans will automatically increase the number needed.


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