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Channel mapper Filter


(Needs A/V Media decoder before this node). Allows to mix or map audio channels.

Original Manual

This filter enables you to map audio channels. You can also use it to reduce the number of channels being processed.

Channel layout

Here you select the total number of audio channels, ranging from one (mono) to 24 (22. 2). All channels will be muxed to one audio stream.

The mapping works by defining what channel goes where.

Example: Mapping 2 channels to 4, with the first on 1 and 2, and the second on 3 and 4:

1 -> 1

1 -> 2

2 -> 3

2- > 4

If you select the any of the "2 (x -> stereo)" presets FFAStrans will mix down original 3, 4, 5 or 6 channels to stereo. You can still map channels prior to mixdown.

Note: Starting form 1.1.0 you also have the option to use the more advanced channel mapper available inn all encoders, except "Custom FFmpeg".

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