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Deinterlace Filter


Deinterlace videos.
Filters : YADIF - YADIF x2FPS - Blend - Bob x2FPS.

Original Manual

With this filter you can make interlaced video progressive. To get the best result you should experiment with the different deinterlacers. Some of the interlacers produce double framerate at full height. These are marked with "2xFPS".


Sets the method used for deinterlacing. The fastest being straight BOB deinterlacing which produce double framerate. The slowest being QTGMC but yield far the best results. If you're converting from NTSC that has been telecined (3:2 pulldown, aka 29.970i with 3 fields and 2 repeated frames) you should select "Inverse telecine" in order to revert to the original frame rate of 23.976p.

Interlaces input

Sets how FFAStrans determines the input field order, if any. Supports variables. Note that you cannot select "Progressive" in this context.

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