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Fps Converter Filter


Converts frame rates between them.

Frame rates : 23,98 - 24 - 25 - 29,97 - 30 - 50 - 59,94 - 60 - i to p and p to i.

Original Manual

Filter for converting to other frame rates. FFAStrans will try to decide if the video is interlaced or not.

Convert to

Select a set of predefined common frame rates. You can also set custom frame rates.

There is also some special presets that lets you create interlaced, upper or lower, from progressive. It will check the clip for valid progressive frames before performing the conversion.

Example: If your original video is 50 fps progressive and you set conversion to"p -> i, upper" the result will be 50 fps interlaced (half vertical resolution) set to upper field.

Note that it is possible to create non standard  interlaced frames as FFAStrans does not force output fps to either PAL nor NTSC.

Just set playback speed

This option will just set new playback rate, it does not alter the video. If "Convert to" is different from source, the resulting video playback rate will be too fast or to slow.

Retain audio pitch

This option will make sure the audio pitch stays the same when setting different framerate playback.

Keep source playback frame rate

When this option is checked, FFAStrans will preserve the playback frame rate. This may result in either lengthened or shortened video, depending on your "Convert to" setting. Use this to produce fast or slow motion video.

Example: If your original video is 25 fps and you set conversion to 50, enabling this option produce video twice as long as the original and half playback rate (slow motion).

Blend frames

Blends frames to create new ones instead of duplicating or throwing away frames. This option gives smoother motion especially when doing PAL<->NTSC conversions.

Use motion compensation

This option utilize advanced algorithms using the "MVtools2" AviSynth plugin. Use this to produce "real" missing images.Warning: It's slow and may produce strange results!

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