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Timecode Filter


Adds superimposed time code on your video. 6 Positions possible and 3 text sizes(relative to original frame size).

Original Manual

This filter adds superimposed timecode on you video.

Start TC

Sets the start TC of the video. Default start is at 00:00:00:00.

Use original medias start timecode

This option will use the start timecode as read from the original media.

Force FPS

Force the time code label to frames per second.


You can choose between 6 different positions. Upper left, upper mid, upper right, lower left, lower mid and lower right. To emulate VTR type output you should use lower mid.


Sets size of timecode. The size is not fixed and will be relative to original frame size. TC will never cover the entire video.

Foreground opacity

Sets opacity level for the actual time code.

Background opacity

Sets opacity level for the dark background rectangle.

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