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Watermark Filter


Overlays an image over video.
It must be a .PNG file.

Original Manual

Image file

File to use for overlay. May be transparent. Supports variables.

Type: PNG


Set transparency level.

Value: 0 – 257

Resize to fit source

Resize the image to fit the source height and weight. Aspect will not be kept.

Sets the x and y offset on the number of pixel from left and top to insert the image


Resizes the image in percent. Aspect is kept intact. If you have checked the "Resize to fit source" option then the percentage resize is done after and the aspect may change if your source aspect is different from the overlay image.

Fade in

Fades in video and audio from black.

Frames: 0 – 250

Fade out

Fades out video and audio to black.

Frames: 0 - 250

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