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FTP Monitor


This processor is used at the start of a workflow to watch for new files on a FTP.

Original Manual


Set the IP or DNS address for the FTPserver.


Sets the port number to use. Usually21.

User name/Password

Here you specify user name and password. If none is specified an Anonymous log in will be used.


This is the path in which to look for files. Should be specified as "/path/sub-path/another_path/". If none is specified, the default path from FTP server will be used.

Note that the monitor might fail to pick up files containing very special characters.

Accept/Deny files

Here you can define what kind of files that will be accepted or denied. Supports wild card (*) and question mark(?) for single character. Multiple file names can be separated by pipe (|). Both "Accept" and "Deny" fields can be defined. Supports variables.

(Accept) Example: «*.mov|boat*.mxf» will seek for any kind of .mov file and any kind of .mxf file starting with «boat»

(Deny) Example: «Thumb.db|*.wav» will skip any .wav files and «Thumb.db» files generated by Windows.

Limit file size

Here you specify the maximum file size accepted by the monitor.


This option seeks into sub-directories of the folder specified.

Check for growing files

This option will make FFAStrans wait to see if incoming files are still growing. This comes in handy when looking for streamed files. The speed of the cycle is defined by the sleep timer setting in the workflow properties. So if it's set too low FFAStrans might not detect any growth if has not been updated by the system or the FTP server. A consequence might be that FFAStrans starts working on the file before it is finished. Therefore it's recommended that you keep the sleep timer to minimum 30 seconds for reliable checking of growing files.

Rebuild cache

This button make FFAStrans register files already present in the monitored FTP. Use this if you want to skip existing files prior to starting the workflow.

Clear cache

This does the opposite of "Rebuild cache". Any files registered by the monitor will be unregistered, and thus FFAStrans will start processing the files once again. This is equivalent as "starting from scratch".

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