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Panasonic P2 Monitor


Watch folder for Canon P2 files structure.

Original Manual


Set folder that will be monitored. May be local or UNC. Supports variables and drag'n drop. The monitor looks for a Panasonic P2 file structure so the setting should point to the root folder of PP2. The monitor also supports clips spanned over several disk and will automatically search for these in the same monitors folder. If they cannot be located it will try to searching local removable drives.

The latter excludes farming unless the drives has been shared and mapped on all members of the transcoding farm.

Create folder

If this is checked, FFAStrans will automatically create, if it does not exist, the folder specified under «Folder».

Cobine all clips into one

Combines all available clips into one continuous clip.

Mux all clips essence to

Sets the media wrapper for the output files.

Read clip XML to variable

Select a variable to store the P2 sidecar XML information as is.

Rebuild cache

This button make FFAStrans register files already present in the monitored FTP. Use this if you want to skip existing files prior to starting the workflow.

Clear cache

This does the opposite of "Rebuild cache". Any files registered by the monitor will be unregistered, and thus FFAStrans will start processing the files once again. This is equivalent as "starting from scratch".

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