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Hold Operation


Use this node to pause, to wait for a specified file or to wait for a branch(synchronize).

Special Notes

The “Synchronize Option” will NOT join Branches together into one branch, it just makes all branches wait until they reached this workflow step. Please read more about the branching behaviour in the Workflow documentation. If you want to end a specific branch, you can use e.g. a conditional Node.

Original Manual

This processor node will put the job instance in pause until one of the following criterias are met:


Pauses the job instance in the amount of seconds specified in the "Time" input.


This special option pauses the job instance until all other instances of the job has reached the same point/node. The timeout option is also used for the "Wait for file(s)" option to specify how long it should wait for the files to be present.

Wait for files

Pauses the job instance until the file(s) in the list is present. One can specify any number of files in the list. All files are separated with a line feed (Enter). File list as array notation is also supported. You can also specify a file count in the case you're using wildcards like (*) and (?). The default counter is zero (0) indicating it will only search for the exact number of files specified in the list.

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