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Populate Variable Operation

Original Manual

In this node you populate your user variables with values, strings, functions or evaluation from complete expressions. There are rows on which you can populate. The next row will activate when you have selected a variable for the initial row. If you need to populate more than eight variables you can just add another node.

Set user variable

With this selector you set what variable to populate. You can NOT populate statics, as they are already populated. Only user variables are allowed to be populated. E.g. : You have created a variable called %i_input_bitrate%. Now you can populate it with e.g. :

Set user variable %i_input_bitrate% to %i_v_bitrate%.

This will take the video bitrate from the current source and save it to %i_input_bitrate%.

The input field accepts mathematical expressions. Example:

 Set user variable %i_input_bitrate% to %i_v_bitrate% * 10

This will take the video bitrate from the current source, multiply it with ten and save it to %i_input_bitrate%.

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