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Generate Text File


Creates a text file. It can be useful to check populated variable.

Original Manual

With this node you can create a text file or append to an existing.


The folder where you want to create the ext file.

Text file name

The file name of the text file.


Sets encoding type for the text file. Default is UTF-8 without BOM.

Append to text file

Append the text to an existing file instead of creating a new. If the file does not exits it will be created. This option is handy for creating a document with a list of files that has run through a workflow.

Set text file as source

This option sets the text file as source for all subsequent nodes. It will thereby enable delivery of the text file using "Folder" and "FTP" nodes. Note that the original name will still come from the file picked up by monitors.

Note: This processor also supports writing binary files. If the content of the text field is of a valid binary type (0x<hex>) then the string will be decoded and written as a binary file. In this case "Append to text file" is discarded.

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