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My first Watchfolder

  1. Create a new Workflow
  2. Insert a Monitors/Folder Processor
  3. Configure the processor to watch in the desired directory
    1. Make sure for the first try to place a “*” in the “Accepted files” textbox
    2. Optionally configure the processor to “Forget Missing Files” so it does not remember processed filenames forever even when they are deleted from the Watchfolder
    3. Save the Processor configuration
  4. Save the Workflow (e.g. by hitting CTRL+S)
  1. Rightclick the Workflow in the List on the Left and “Start” it. Note that Starting a workflow is only useful if you have any Watchfolder Processor in the WF. If there is no Watchfolder, starting the Workflow does not actually do anything.
  2. Place a file into the watched folder (e.g. “c:\temp” in above's example
  3. Open the Status Monitor (Options-Status Monitor)
  4. Latest after 30 seconds, you should see a new Job in your Status monitor
  5. If this is the case, your Watchfolder works and you can go on connecting more Processors to the Monitor Folder Processor in your Workflow

Watchfolder controls

  1. Rebuild History
    1. Scans the watchfolder for all files and marks them as already processed. So existing files will not be processed.
  2. Clear History
    1. The opposite of Rebuild History: deletes the “Brain” of the watchfolder so all existing files (if any) will be reprocessed.
  3. Forget missing files
    1. FFAStrans will synchronize the files history to the actual files. This enables you to remove an already processed file, wait a sleep cycle, and add the same file back again and it will be picked up.

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