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All these functions will manipulate character strings to fit your needs. Functions can use into conditional node and populate variable node and keep the result in a variable.

There are 3 groups of functions :

  1. Mathematics functions

Mathematics Functions

  • $tctosec : This is the only mathematics function which must be encapsulated with quotes(“01:21:12:05”)
  • Functions that accept numbers do not need to be encapsulated with quotes.
  • All functions can be nested (functions within functions).
  Usage description : $function(input-1 = "string", input-2 = integer[, optional input-3 = "string"/integer])

$round and $roundd vs $roundu

  • $round : Round number to nearest decimal.If number of output decimals is omitted then the function will return an integer.
  • $roundd : Round number down to nearest integer.
  • $roundu : Round number up to nearest integer.

$round(number to round = number/%f_variable%[, number of output decimals = integer/%i_variable%])
$roundd(number to round = number/%f_variable%)
$roundu(number to round = number/%f_variable%)

$inttotc vs $tctosec

  • $inttotc : Converts an integer to a TC time code.
  • $tctosec : Converts a TC time code to seconds.

$inttotc(input integer = integer/%variable%, frames per second, float = float/%i_variable%)
$tctosec(input time code, string = “string/%variable%”, frames per second, float = float/%i_variable%)

$abs, $log and random

  • $abs : Returns the absolute value of a number.
  • $log : Returns the natural logarithm of a number.
  • $random : Returns a random integer number between two integers.

$abs(input number= number/%variable%)
$log(input number= number/%variable%)
$random(input integer = integer/%variable%, input integer = integer/%variable%)


  • Counts the occurrences of any string in a string.

Usage :
$count(input string =“string/%variable%”, input string =“SEARCH/%variable%”)

$count('jack, joe, jill, jane, james, jules', 'ja') 3

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