FFmpeg AviSynth Transcoder
Free to use Workflow Automation Software

Of all Workflow Engines with Transcoding out there, FFAStrans is the coolest!

Nobody ever said that and it might not be true, but hey it’s free and solid, so why not give it a try…
Enterprise Grade
Processing Farm
Active Active Pattern
API Integration

Scale your FFAStrans installation as service based processing farm with several Servers

Workflow Automation
Less Work
More Flow
Power through Flexibility

Graphical workflow editor to create your own flexible decision list/business logic

High Quality
Video Standards Conversion
Interlace Aware Processing
High Bit Depth Formats

Create broadcast standard compatible formats with quality tuned processing

Easy to use
Not only for Professionals
Transcoding for Dummies
Non-intrusive installation

Run as a normal desktop application on a single PC and be up and running within minutes.

What is FFAStrans?

FFAStrans is a powerful and easy to use Task automation Engine, mostly used in but not limited to the wonderful world of audio and video visual content creation and management. Also known as workflow engine, transcoder, Enterprise Service Bus.

In terms of video processing, it delivers the concentrated power of knowledge that we gained in our life. We combine powerful open-source tools like ffmpeg and AVISynth as well as many others available to you in form of easy to use processor blocks on the User Interface.

Who uses it?

  • Companies that deal with broadcasting video content in any way (Postproduction, OTT, etc…) like public and private broadcasters all around the world
  • Regular persons that want to convert their video archives
  • IT companies that wants to automate IT related tasks

Do i have to pay for it?

No, FFAStrans is free! However, it would be very nice if you hit the donate button in case you like the software.