What’s new in version

Pure bug fix release.

Changes include:

  • Fix progressive closed GOP encoding in the XDCAM-HD not working.
  • The “Video quality” node would sometimes return a bogus “inf000000” value.
  • The “Video quality” would fail if source or ref was IMX-D10 content.
  • The “%s_cache_record%” variable was not correctly populated.
  • Fix the “Sequence” monitor disregarding the “Recurse” setting.
  • The “Sequence” monitor would sometimes not work due to an invalid input option being set.
  • Two succeeding encodings on the same branch could fail if using the inbuilt encoders.
  • Fix minor issues with properly recognizing some pixel and color formats when processing.
  • The loudness table in “Audio extract” encoder gui did not set a value.
  • A few other minor edge case issues addressed.