What’s new in version 1.2.2?

This release continues on the 1.2 path of addressing bugs and anomalies. With some minor improvements to general farming reliability.

Changes include:

  • Some improvements in the job distribution between farm hosts.
  • Other minor farming reliability improvements.
  • Improved recognition of arib-std-b67 (HLG) on some formats.
  • Added warning when exporting/importing workflow with plugin nodes
  • Added warning when running FFAStrans on outdated OS (< Win8)
  • Fixed some rare case decoding issues with some ProRes and DNxHD variations.Setting HDR colors pace in x265 encoding did not work.
  • “Video quality” node used folder dialogue instead of file when browsing.
  • Location of the browser buttons in “Video quality” node had switched places.
  • FTP monitor did not properly report status when downloading.
  • Address several long file path issues with FFAStrans installation location.
  • Fixed a “Not equal” logic issue in the “Conditional” node.
  • The PCM option in the “H.264” encoder was not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting “Fast” in the “H.264” node. Would revert to “Faster” when reopening the gui.
  • “Encoders” would fail if unset user variable was used in the “Loudness correction”, even if option was unticked.
  • Status would not update properly when retrying failed jobs.
  • Converting to b601 with the “Color conversion” filter did not always set the proper color flag.
  • Auto-selecting variable in the prefix/suffix input in the “Audio extraction” node did not work.
  • + several other minor issues addressed.