What’s new in version 1.1.0?

  • New encoder: XAVC (Sony style AVC Intra). Currently only i-frame up to 1080p60 class 200 properly supported.
  • New encoder: Generic MPEG1/2.
  • New analyzer: Video metrics. Compare video quality using VMAF, SSIM and PSNR.
  • Much improved internal priority control:
    • “Max active jobs” are now per priority setting. Meaning if you have used all your job slots on lower priority jobs, higher priority jobs will still start.
    • Child jobs like encoding now inherets the workflow priority ranging from 0 (idle) to 4 (very high). Meaning lower priority child jobs will be given less resources if higher priority jobs starts.
  • Starting from this version, every time you save your workflow a time stamped copy will be stored in archive for later retrieval.
  • All encoders now features separate audio channel mapping per track.
  • The AviSynth deinterlace node now includes the world renowned QTGMC deinterlacer and BWDIF.
  • The AviSynth resize node now includes NNEDI3 up-scaling. (Defaults to “Sinc” on down-scaling).
  • Several database operations speed improvements.
  • Slightly changed look and color scheme on nodes for improved visibility.
  • Selected nodes can now be connected to any node. Makes connecting several nodes easier.
  • Reintroduced and improved option for shutting down a complete FFAStrans farm.
  • Added “Clear search” and “Set max list size” in the inbuilt status monitor app.
  • The “A/V Media” decoder now supports forcing audio bit depth (16/24/32) and sample rate (48000/96000/192000).
  • “YADIF” deinterlace filter no longer force 8 bit processing on 64bit systems.
  • All windows now accept shortcut keys like ESC (close window), ENTER (OK) and F1 (help) where applicable.
  • Added option to the “Custom AviSynth script” filter to skip script verification.
  • The “YouTube” decoder now supports URLs as source inputs (submitted from API or the Workflow Manager).
  • Error state can now be forced in the “Populate variables” by populating the “%s_error%” variable.
  • Variables are now traversed in order to fetch variables within variables.
  • Added %i_v_bit_depth% for bit depth of first valid video stream.
  • Added option to use none linear seek in the “A/V Decoder”.
  • The MP4 encoder now sets MPEG-4 part 14 flag as standard on mp4 files.
  • Fixed a bug that caused jobs to hash crash when modifying the jobs workflow.
  • When submitting files to host exceptioned workflows, FFAStrans could in some cases stop picking up new jobs.
  • FFAStrans Workflow Manager could crash when deleting nodes on very large workflows.
  • The GoPro monitor did not show correct progress when configured to check for growing files.
  • Selecting “Default” preset in nodes now properly set default node values.
  • Retry job did not properly re-use the stored workflow from previous job.
  • Fixed several issues dealing with long file paths.
  • Fixed a bug with “Forget missing files” monitor option not working correctly with sub-folders.
  • Monitors, while running, did not correctly update user variables/statics upon changes.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the “Insert media” filter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Folder” delivery node to fail if output path contained some very unusual characters.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to browse FTP-paths.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused crash in FTP monitor.
  • Child processes in a job did not always close properly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause monitors to go into loop when picking up very long file path.
  • Disabled nodes was not displayed correctly.
  • Pausing a job did not always cause all child processes to be suspended.
  • Selecting “AVI” in the uncompressed encoder did not work.
  • Selecting workflow properties other than the one displayed in the editor did not work.
  • The tray option in the Workflow Manager did not work properly.
  • The “Interlaced input” option in DVD encoder did not work with variables.
  • Fixed and removed some unneeded excessive logging in the API and queue manager.
  • + Lots of other minor changes, improvements and bug fixes.

New Website

Grandmaster Steinar struggles with his wish for a new website for a long time. Voila, after the 1.1 release, we found some time to come up with a more modern website, hope you enjoy!