User Interface


File Monitors



  • Apply loudness control according to EBU-R128
  • Broadcast quality PAL <> NTSC conversions (blending, speed up + pitch adjustment, linear interpolation, inverse telecine)
  • World-class deinterlacing with QTGMC
  • 8bit/10bit/12bit/14bit/16bit/32bit precision post-processing
  • World-class Neural Network Upscaling using Spline64 and NNEDI3
  • Broadcast quality color matrix and color curve conversion via tone-mapping algorithms and 65x65x65 LUTs support.
  • Broadcast quality BT601, BT709, BT2020, BT2100 conversion.
  • Broadcast quality dithering using the Floyd Steinberg Error Diffusion
  • Insert video or stills images
  • Overlay watermark and transparent video
  • Add superimposed timecode just like real broadcast VTR’s
  • With a custom AviSynth script, everything is within your grasp: Antialising, Debanding, Deblending, Deblocking, Declick, Decrawl, Defish, Deflickering, Degrain, Dehaloing, Denoise, Deraimbowning, Deringing, DeScratch, DeSpot, Ghost Removal, Line Darkening, Sharpening… you name it, you got it.


  • Easy third party integration with JSON based API
  • Create, start, stop and pause jobs and populate variables through API
  • Monitor, pause/resume and abort jobs through API