What’s new in version 1.2.1?

This release continues on the 1.2 path of addressing bugs and anomalies. A few minor features also added.

Changes include:

  • Added option to not localize monitored FTP source files.
  • Added option to set the total number of files to wait for in the “Hold” node.
  • Added warning before resetting job history list in inbuilt status monitor.
  • Added new $week() function for retrieving week numbers.
  • Added new $weekday() function for retrieving week day numbers.
  • Improved filtering of unwanted non-video side data that could cause corrupted encoded frames.
  • Fixed some graphics glitch in inbuilt status monitor app.
  • Fixed zoom issue in workflow canvas on older OS (Win8/Server2012)
  • Addressed some clipboard issues when working with nodes.
  • Addressed issues with finished jobs still showing in status monitor.
  • Fixed some inconsistent behavior with the channels selector in all encoders.
  • When importing workflows on completely new FFAStrans installation user variables could double up.
  • Creating AVID project files could on some systems fail on non latin characters.
  • The user variables was not reported correctly in the workflows API call
  • The DVCPRO did not set correct video signaling on HD.
  • Transwrapping could fail due to frame rate read from wrong value.
  • A bug in user variable editor made FFAStrans “loose” child windows when switching to other windows apps.
  • The MXF muxer in “H.264” encoder would fail on frame rates > 120.
  • Statics containing variables was not properly expanded on workflow export.
  • FFAStrans reported wrong UTC bias in log time stamps.
  • Retaining audio pitch in the FPS converter filter did not work properly.
  • Monitoring growing files with “continuously” checked sometimes caused too much to much i/o overhead.
  • Start TC where only hours was set was not properly recognized.
  • Fixed rare crash when shutting down farm from the Manager.
  • Fixed rare crash in API service when getting history log.